We desperately need financial aid. 

With your support, we could give Chin refugee kids:

A better learning experience 

With upgraded teaching facilities, smaller class sizes, and classes organised by age, abilities, and knowledge.

Healthcare and food

Kids would get regular health check-ups and dental care. We could provide lunches at school so children don’t go hungry.

The ability to stay in school

With funding, we could pay our older students and Chin adults to teach at school to their own community, allowing them to bring home an income.

We are entirely self-funded and only survive through the generosity of donors.

Your contribution

We have strong administrative and financial oversight, so we can manage your donation according to your wishes. Whether you would like to support a student, class, school or our organisation in general, we will make it happen.

We can create funds for specific purposes, such as remunerating Chin speaking teachers, events for children, or spread your donation over time to make it last.

To contribute, contact our Administrator, Rhonda Kortum at

We also need goods and services

Chin families have very little material items. Healthy meals and wearing clean clothes are luxuries. You can help by making an in-kind donation, such as:

  • shoes and clothing, both summer and winter (for when they resettle)
  • sporting equipment
  • toiletries
  • furniture and household items.

Many students often go without meals. You can donate food to families, like bags of rice and vegetables. Generous expatriates also sponsor weekend trips for the children to nature parks and other Kuala Lumpur attractions. These outings give kids welcome relief from the intensity of their crowded inner-city living conditions and broaden their learning horizons.

Make our work possible. Donate.

Contact our Administrator, Rhonda Kortum to make a donation.