Want to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged refugee children?
Help us teach.

Chin refugees don’t have access to the Malaysian public schooling system. After seeking asylum in the country, kids can wait up to five years to relocate to western nations. Without continued education, their academic development suffers and they are left unprepared for integration into foreign schools.

Volunteering as a teacher at CSO

By volunteering with us, you’ll give kids the opportunity to continue their education.

Despite their hardships, our students are friendly and eager to learn. As a volunteer, you’ll feel moved by the energy and warmth of the Chin children.

A lesson would typically run for one hour or, if you have more time, you could to teach a couple of lessons. We have course books to follow on our core curriculum subjects: English, science, and maths. No previous teaching experience is necessary, simply a desire to help the children.

At CSO, you’ll join a community of dedicated volunteers. We have a strong relationship with expatriates living in Kuala Lumpur. Many enter our classrooms to teach English and other subjects. Along with expats, we have Chin volunteers who teach Chin language, history, and spirituality.

Our schools

Our schools are located near the pockets of Chin communities living in Kuala Lumpur. We usually hold classes in rented houses or shops. We convert rooms into teaching spaces which have basic facilities, such as books, fans, desks, and whiteboards.

Children attend school from 10am – 3pm, Monday to Friday. We also organise extracurricular activities on weekends, such as drama class, sports days, or trips to city attractions.

Students sit examinations in June and November. The pupils show a strong understanding of the English language, which we continue to foster by giving them a higher level of syllabus.

I am not a qualified teacher. In fact, I’d never taught before. I was nervous before my first class and yet I needn’t have been – it was fun and rewarding. I only teach 2 hours per week, but a little from many all adds up. Sadly, these lovely children have had little schooling and they love meeting new people and learning from them. It’s so so rewarding. Without volunteers they have to work through their workbooks alone.

– Tim, English and Maths Teacher at the Chin Student Organisation

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